Training is one of the things we are good at.

ERPservis UAB can offer you most of Microsoft Dynamix Ax classes. We are competent in all of the technical classes as well as most of the application ones. Our instructors are trainers are Microsoft Certified Trainers. We are using Microsoft training material.

Description of all the Microsoft Dynamix Ax classes, we can offer, you can find in our Class catalog.

ERPservis UAB is not a training center. Our trainers are subcontracted by the companies who actually are the training centers like Datorzinibu Centrs, Absolute Solutions, NetCom.

Our trainers are not just certified trainers, who does only training. They all are consultants certified in Dynamix Ax, who most of the time work on real Dynamix Ax implementations. Because of that they are able to give students the real world examples, based on their real experiences.

However, if classes, from the list, does not fully fit your agenda or your subject, you can contact us and we can arrange a custom training on your site. Please contact us for the price quote and availability. Our contact information you will find in About Us section.

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