Consultants and developers in ERPservis UAB, have experience of up to 7 years in Microsoft Dynamix Ax. Because of that they are highly skilled in this product, both application and technical areas. All of our developers are certified in Dynamix Ax programming, have very good knowledge in MorphX development environment and high skills in X++ programming language.

Here is a list of the services we can provide:

- Dynamix Ax - complete solution

- Design and development of changes/amendments in standard Dynamix Ax modules using MorphX development environment and X++ programming language

- Design and programming Add-ons for Dynamix Ax

- Web programming using Dynamix Ax development tools - Enterprise Portal

- Technical consulting in Dynamix Ax

- Consulting in Dynamix Ax application functionality

- Assistance/consulting in Dynamix Ax installation and configuration

- Dynamix Ax upgrades, including transfer of data and changes from previous versions

- Preparation of Dynamix Ax training materials

- Training in Dynamix Ax (more about that see in our Axapta Training page)

- Performance tuning for large Dynamic Ax installations


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